Message From the CEO

The season for change and growth, spring, is upon us. While nature is waking up, United Derm Partners (UDP) is also undergoing growth. We continue to pursue growth of our UDP family through strategic acquisitions of like-minded physician practices and these discussions are progressing nicely. Also, we are focusing on adding valuable services to our existing practices. We’ve expanded our cosmetic dermatology services to include offerings such as SkinPen® Precision, Blu-U®, excimer laser and VBeam® in Nevada, and CoolSculpting®, SkinPen® Precision, and Blu-U® in Texas to name a few.

Reserve some time this spring to focus on yourself and how you can grow. This could include professional development, reading a new book, or learning a new skill. Being intentional about our own growth yields such great personal and professional benefits that show up in our daily lives and interactions. As an organization, we continue our focus on patient care excellence with a patient experience training program launching sometime in the second quarter. I’m excited to see how this program will show real and positive results in our patient relationships and engagements. Here is to growing and learning!