Why Partner With Us:

To reduce the administrative burden
To relieve you of regulation management
To help monetize your practice
To deliver the highest level of management expertise
To bring you into our network
To offer personalized levels of care
To ensure autonomy

United Derm is not just another management company. We are people looking to help people. Experts eager to work with experts. Partners striving to serve our partners. We do this by…

  • Reducing the administrative burden you experience in managing your own business.
  • Relieving you of having to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations of our current healthcare system.
  • Helping you monetize your practice so that you earn the full benefits of the long-term investment you have put into your work.
  • Delivering you the highest level of physician management expertise with absolute transparency, reliability and efficiency.
  • Bringing you into our superior network of top-rated dermatologists in the country.
  • Offering intensive personalized levels of care and collaboration, no matter your size or needs.
  • Ensuring that you will retain autonomy and discretion over the way you practice medicine and schedule your appointments.